Kayaking the Kalamazoo River – Goose Lake to 29 Mile Rd.

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In this video, my girls and I kayak a stretch of the Kalamazoo River from Goose Lake Road to 29 Mile Road somewhere between Mosherville and Homer, Michigan. This is a beautiful stretch of river for the most part. After Folks Road, you can expect some windfall as this section is not serviced by the local livery.

At first I was very excited to finally have adequate rainfall to paddle a local river, but I was very dissapointed in the fact that there were a group of people drinking and canoeing. After we dropped our shag vehicle off, we returned to find two empty beer cans on Mr. Keiber’s kayak. This group also left beer cans along the banks of the river and on the bottom of the river as one of them tipped. I was also dissapointed with the language this group was using around my 6 and 9 year old daughters who were with me. I don’t know about livery laws in Michigan, but if you know of any that would prohibit littering the river with beer cans I would appreciate finding out. Do they even enforce it? I was very dissapointed in Twin Pines Campground for allowing a group of drunk people down the river to paddle. Not only was it irresponsible of them to do it, but those cans only ended up messing with the beauty of the river they attempt to sell canoe trips on.

Kalamazoo River kayakingOtherwise it was a great trip! I was very proud of my daughter Lizzy as this was her very first trip down a river in her own kayak. At first, we gave her a canoe paddle as the kayak paddles were too heavy for her. After a while, we switched and gave her half of an extra kayak paddle I had and she did great! We’re hoping to get a kayak paddle that is more for her size soon if she continues to enjoy kayaking with dad. After paddling past Twin Pines, we saw a black mink, beaver and I got about 15 feet from a deer that was along the banks. It wasn’t spooked by me at all!


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