The Smudge Fire – Mosquito Hack

Hate mosquitoes? I do, and this video will show you one way I deal with them when I’m in the bush.

My first exposure to a smudge was many moons ago when my aunt passed away and some native fire keepers came in and smudged her house. Her husband was Chippewa, and after a person passed, it was their tradition to fill the house with smoke in order to purge the house of spirits (or something like that. It was a long time ago :-)

Well, it turns out that smoke is pretty good at purging areas of bugs in general, and that is what a smudge fire is all about. The basic principle is simple; make a smoky fire. Since mosquitoes (and bugs in general) hate smoke, they will keep away from it (for the most part).

In order to contain the smudge and make it portable, I use an old soup can with a wire coat hanger rigged into a handle.

This is also an excellent way to make a coal transportable over long distances. Just keep adding punk wood to the can while you hike.

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