Harrods Creek – Louisville, Kentucky

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In this video I take you along as I kayak Harrods Creek near Louisville, Kentucky. The creek is actually in Prospect Kentucky, but it is in the greater Louisville metro area. This “creek” is a tributary of the Ohio River. I say “creek” because it probably averages about 75′ across in most places. But there is very little current to it. On this stretch or river you can expect to see deer, turkey, turtles, cranes, and possibly even a bald eagle.

The livery I rented from was Nachand Canoe and Kayak Rental: http://www.nachandkayaks.com/

This is a family-owned business, and attached to the business is a sports bar/restaurant called, Darkstar Restaurant or Darkstar Tavern.

$30 got me 4 hours with this beautiful river. One of the nice things about it is that because there is very little current, I was able to paddle up the creek for a couple of hours, turn around and head right back to my car. The livery is also conjoined with a bar and grill, so if you are hungry when you get back, there are food options.

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Intro music for this video was written and recorded by myself.

Other music in this video came from the YouTube Creator Studio.

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