Wood Sorrel – Wild Edibles Series

Wood Sorrel (aka Oxalis acetosella) has to be one of my favorite wild edible plants to find. It’s taste is one of the best in the leaf world IMHO, and it is super easy to identify. The taste can really give you a boost on the trail. To my knowledge there are no known toxic lookalikes. Having said that, always consult with a local expert first before consuming ANY wild edible plant.

One thing I will say is that wood sorrel contains a chemical called oxalic acid. In quantity, oxalic acid is bad for you, but I can’t say for sure how much it would take to hurt you. One more reason to consult a local expert first. With many wild edible plants, only certain parts can be consumed while other parts are toxic, and certain plants can only be consumed in certain quantities before they become bad for you. My guess is that the amount it takes is determined much by who you are. For example, while a pound might be bad for young children or pregnant mothers, it may be perfectly fine for a 25-year-old. Don’t take my advice on consumption though! Consult with a local expert first.

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