Pigeon River – Mongo, Indiana

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Below is some footage I shot while my wife and I kayaked the Pigeon River in Mongo, Indiana in October of 2011. The trees were changing colors, and so it was awesome to be able to paddle through the falling leaves and during a time when this river is a bit more serene.

The livery that services this area is the Trading Post Livery and Campground in Mongo.

Before I go, I like to check out the USGS water level readings for the nearest station as a way to gauge how much “fun” this trip can be. If there has been little rain for a while, there are parts where a kayak will scrape bottom, and then at other times, increased water levels make it fun to paddle through the trees during flood-stage.

This is the third time this year that I have kayaked this river near Angola, Indiana. The scenery is amazing and the fall colors made it all the more worth while. Even better, my wife came with me this time. We put in at 327 just a few miles east of the I-69 freeway. We took out at 900N. This river winds through a waterfowl preserve and the birds were amazing. The first thing that hit us was the 50+ sandhill cranes that we saw. Simply amazing. We also saw numerous turtles and some kind of snake (not sure of species. see video). As the livery season has wound down this year, there were 2 or three spots where we had to portage around windfall/deadfall.

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