Fawn River – Sturgis, Michigan

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On September 30, 2011, my friend and I kayaked the Fawn River in southern Michigan / Northern Indiana. We put in off of Fawn River Drive near Sturgis, Michigan and took out at 700N just north of Howe, Indiana. This was a beautiful stretch of river and I would highly recommend it. I can imagine that if there was a summer dryspell this river might not be as fun though. We went after a few days of rain and the current was great! The river is maintained by a local livery and we went the day after we had significant rainfall. We saw a lot of nature and there were a few spots where the current picked up enough to keep us on our toes. This stretch also takes you under the 80/90 toll road and it is so cool going under it. When the semi trucks would pass over, it sounded like thunder! After the 80/90 bridge I had to shut the camera off because it started to downpour. After the toll road the river widens and becomes more boggy for a while, but is still quite nice. Expect to see deer, cranes and ducks if you’re quiet enough along this stretch.


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