A Week on the North Country Trail – Allegheny National Forest

Recently I had the privilege of “guiding” a group on a 5-day hike on the North Country Trail in the Allegheny National Forest. We did the same stretch I did back in March with the addition of hitting the Minister Creek loop trail. There were two adults and 4 teens ranging from 12-17 with us. All in all, we covered about 21 miles of trail over 4 days, carrying between 35 – 50lbs on our backs.

Each day

we spent some time reading and talking about the book of Colossians, hitting hard the concepts the Apostle Paul talks about regarding putting off the old self, and putting on the new in light of what Christ has done.

Some of the primitive skills I had a chance to work with the boys on included…

– the Dakota fire hole.
– water purification
– camp setup
– fire-starting (especially distinguishing between wet and dry wood as well as how to start a fire with wet wood)
– crayfishing (and eating yummm)
– net makin
Below are some photos to check out and I’m hoping to post some video once I get the chance to edit it. If you have any questions about any of the photos, or where they were located, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments section. g
– several wild edible plants
as well as some other general bushcraft skills here and there along the trail.


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  • Dan Edwards says:

    I just got done watching the video of your last trip with the teens on the north county trail. I am glad to see people from outside of my home area enjoying the forest that I love so much. It is in my blood. My Great Grandfather, Grandfather, and Dad grew up and were loggers in the woods and wooded area around where you traveled. I grew up there but never did any logging. As a child then teens I spent most of my time I had when not in school and church up in the forest. Did this up until I went into the U.S.Army and now I go back from time to time to spend a week out in the woods up there. My family lived in Sheffield when I was born but live in Warren, Kane, and Heart’s Content as I grew up. But anyway it made me happy just to see your group enjoying the forest and I just had to let you know.

    Have a Great Day

    • It is truly an amazing part of our country. On thing you didn’t see in the video was a group of hikers we ran into along the trail. They stayed in the lean-to the day before us, but is was a group of four generations of family men hiking together. The oldest was 72, and the youngest looked to be about 9. It was so cool seeing these men invest time in their sons like this.

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