Kelty Noah’s Tarp Hanging, With NEW ENO Hammock Technique

In this video I do a couple of things… First of all, I get rid of the heavy carabiners on my ENO DoubleNest hammock and show you how to hang the hammock without them. I then go through and spend the rest of the video giving you an overview of how I like to setup my Kelty Noah 12 tarp for camping. I absolutelylove this tarp as it is lightweight, affordable, and takes up very little pack space.

Again, the tarp I use when camping / hiking / backpacking is the Kelty Noah’s Tarp 12. This is a 12 foot by 12 foot silnylon tarp. My preferred configuration is in a pseudo-square setup as it allows you to tie the ends together to enhance privacy in the woods (not that you need it all the time :). The only thing that would have made this tarp better (strictly in my opinion) would be if they offered it in a camo pattern.

For more info on the tarp, here’s what the manufacturer has to say about it:

“The Noah’s Tarp is instant shade.  This ultralight, affordable shelter is handy to have aboard when you want weather protection in a hurry, whether you are traveling over land or water.  Handy for boating, camping, backpacking, sporting events, and festivals.”



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  • @Niey First of all, thanks for the comment! Secondly, I would not hang my hammock off the side of a cliff, as I am afraid of heights :) IF I got crazy some day and decided to try it, I would only do it with straps rated for much more weight, as I am just paranoid like that. I usually only hang my hammock no more than 4ft off the ground anyways. I would also suggest that you NOT use paracord. If you are 100lbs, paracord might work ok for a while, but it has a strong reputation for stretching as well as “stretch memory”; meaning that once it stretches, it doesn’t go back to normal. You then have a situation where each night is a game of “hammock hanging roulette” in terms of whether or not your paracord suspension is going to break that night or not. Also, webbing has less of a tendency to cut into the tree you’re hanging it on. Now, I’m a “big guy” at around 260lbs, so paracord is definitely out of the question for me anyway :)

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