Hygiene and First Aid Kit for The Trail

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Personal hygiene and first aid is a very important thing to consider whenever you plan to hit the trail. In┬áthis video I take you on a magical journey through my hygiene kit as I’ve been getting asked a bit about what it is I take. :-)

First of all, I combine my hygiene and first aid kits into one bag. I call it my personal care pouch. I do this because I am very minimalistic when it comes to these things. At this point in my outdoor life I have enough experience to have whittled it down to what it is.

But am I missing something? So far this kit has served me well. I almost never use it, yet, have the sneaking suspicion that I am missing something vitally important. Please lease let me know if I am missing something or what it is that you must have in your kit. I would love to hear about it in the comments.

See you outdoors!


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